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Only in Florida (the worst political ad ever)

May 10, 2010

OK, I been alive long enough to see my fair share of political ads.  Most of them say how they are going to help the public or how their opponent is not.  Most of them are also annoying and pointless.  This one is all of those, but it also blatantly encourages racial profiling.  My favorite part is when he asks who you think looks like a terrorist.  Personally, I would be more terrified by the first guy.  He kind of looks like Jack Kevorkian.  And seriously, if terrorists really looked like the guy with the bomb strapped to his chest and the tape over his mouth, they would be pretty easy to spot.  You wouldn’t even need Chloe to get you the schematics on anything.  It’s amazing to me that this guy’s handlers ever let this get on the air.  It’s…  well just watch.

So now you know.  Send him to Washington and everything will be better.  Or something.

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  1. SparkS permalink
    May 10, 2010 3:55 pm

    I think it’s a GREAT ad! But the PC wienies crowd like you would rather cavity
    search a blue eyed blond grandmother from Sweden than start doing some profiling.
    Oh sorry, it’s ‘racist’. In case you forgot or never knew it, when is the last time an El Al
    flight was hijacked or bombed? They profile and are experts at it. But we prefer planes
    blowing up buildings and killing 3000 of our countrymen than doing what needs
    to be done. Damn, I forgot, that would get CAIR mad. Screw them!

  2. Gauldar permalink
    May 11, 2010 6:49 am

    Fear mongering at its best. He’s preaching to his choir just like any other politician. I agree with SparkS that El Al would never have had the problem with September 11th, they don’t get sloppy, because they know if they do, people die. That’s how life always has been for hundreds of years, but they favour knowledge over fear which they know is just as bad as carelessness. They are trained to do their job at profiling, unlike the voters this guy is pandering to, who are so full of bias, they couldn’t pick out a real terrorist in a crowd as much as they could tell the difference between their dick and their thumb. Playing on fear and anger is this guy’s ticket into office, but if that’s the kind of person you want to vote for, all the power to ya.

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