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Weekend Nothings

March 18, 2010

I’ve started writing a couple new posts but, unfortunately for my readers, I didn’t finish any of them before the first game of March Madness.  The first two days of the tournament I basically become a hermit and pay attention to nothing else.  So while I sit here and lick my wounds after my bracket suffered what I consider Black Thursday(Thanks to Georgetown, Vandy, and Notre Dame for my 9-7 first day.  Worst ever for me.) I’ll leave you with a few links to waste some time.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be nicer to my predictions than today was.  Have a great weekend.

  • There’s plenty of Nigerian Princes out there looking for people to give their money to, and folks are still falling for it.
  • Ever wanted to tell someone off using 19th century slang?  Just tell them to shut their bone box.  Or any of these other slang terms used back then.
  • Ever wondered who you’re listening to when you mis-dial a phone number?  Here is that and 9 other famous disembodied voices.
  • In case you happen to be the last person on earth, here is a practical guide of what you need to do.

And to close, a Youtube video that made me laugh.  Pandas are cute, right?  Well, this one knows it.  He distracts the zookeeper by performing a cute-style rollover while his buddy slips out the door and then totally makes a break for it himself.  Pandas are cool. (The fun starts at about the :35 mark)

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