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And the award goes to… oh, who cares, nobody’s watching anyways (awards shows we could do without)

February 2, 2010

So Beyonce and Taylor Swift cleaned up at the Grammys.  Are there really that many people who care anymore?  I’m not sure what it means about an awards show when I see more advertisements for programming critiquing the various fashion choices than I see for the show itself.  

And for some reason, they listen to this guy

I just don’t understand why there are so many awards shows.  I recently saw a recap of the SAG awards and it made me wonder what constitutes justifiable homicide.  The show is basically a bunch of rich, famous, shallow people telling each other how wonderful they are.  I don’t mind that they’re rich and famous and all that, but do they really need to televise them gloating in it?  It’s time to pare down the awards shows.  Their popularity peaked in the mid 90’s and rating have constantly been dropping ever since, so maybe they’ll start dropping on their own.  Hell, the Golden Globes were cancelled last year because of the writer’s strike.  I don’t think anybody really noticed.  Here are a few more awards shows that need to be Kevorkian-ized.  


MTV Video Music Awards  


Most ridiculous category: Quadruple threat award  

The most obvious reason for this one is the fact that the show gives awards for music videos, an art that the network essentially kicked to the curb years ago.  I can’t remember the last time I flipped by MTV and they were actually playing videos.  On top of that, the show has basically become an energy sucking bore.   

The only reason I even knew the show aired last year

It’s like they want to see how many lights they can cram into a building while thinking up an obviously scripted prank to pull on Eminem. (Which they inevitably will neither confirm or deny initially in hopes that it builds buzz for the show)  If you have to do stuff like that to get people to watch a show, it’s no longer working.  


MTV Movie Awards  


Most ridiculous category: Best sandwich (I’m serious.  Look it up.)  

Yes, MTV is doubled up here.  The movie awards were kind of a joke from the beginning.  I appreciate their early admittance of this with some of the crazy categories, but the joke has worn very thin.  

Amazingly, never nominated for best Kiss

I really don’t care what movie spoof MTV thinks is the best of the year, since they all pretty much suck at this point in time.  Is there anyone you know who would admit to seeing Meet The Spartans in the theater?  


The People’s (Teens, Kids) Choice Awards  


Most ridiculous award: Favorite web celeb  

This trio of shows tried the already-tested-and-failed method of fan voting.  I don’t know how many of you out there are sports fans, but this fan voting idea is what irritates me every year.  I think Allen Iverson has had a great career, but there is no way he should be anywhere near the All-Star game this year.  Why is he there?  Because a lot of fans are uninformed idiots.  It’s the same with these entertainment awards show and on a much bigger scale.  

Actually nominated for best actor by "the people". Pathetic.

I guess the Kid’s Choice Awards is OK because it gives them something to do.  It just pains me to see Miley Cyrus keep getting accolades for her incredible lack of talent.  Ditto for the Teen Choice and the Twilight movies.  


Latin Grammys  


Most ridiculous category:  Best recording package (?)

Isn’t one Grammy show enough?  I understand wanting an award show for your own particular cultural group, but make it a little more diverse.  At least the BET awards cover all forms of entertainment.  And it’s not like Latinos don’t ever win anything at the regular Grammy awards.  They already have a bunch of Latin categories on the regular Grammys.   

Yup, he's got one

Just politely ask the Grammys to include a few more Latin categories and spare us the second show.  They’ll totally do it because they need all the viewers they can muster.

The Espys

Most ridiculous category: Hummer like nothing else award (Whatever that is)

I love sports for the most part, but the Espys are awful.  They started in 1993 when awards shows were in their heyday.  ESPN tried (and failed) to make it a major awards show right up there with the Oscars.  They also try to make it “edgy” and fail to do that as well.  It just seems so contrived and athletes are terrible at trying to perform comedy.

Once you invite these guys, it can no longer be cansidered a sports show

Not to mention the fact that it’s really a meaningless award.  It’s not like winning an Emmy for being on a TV show.  Last year’s winner for best baseball player was Albert Pujols.  Do you think he values that more than his World Series ring?  I think not.

I’m sure there are other shows that need the axe, but these were the ones that came to mind for me.  The next one to go: the daytime Emmys.  I don’t think soap operas have quite the following they once did, nor do the Emmys really need to seperate daytime and primetime.  There aren’t enough decent shows on to facilitate two awards presentations.  The daytime Emmys should have just made the year Susan Lucci finally got her Emmy their last year.  At least they would have gone out with a bang instead of a fizzle.


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  1. February 2, 2010 1:39 pm

    the ESPYs are totally ridiculous…what kind of a “fan” wants to watch people get awards for getting awards! Aren’t the only people that go or get nominated for an ESPY the athletes who were actually honored throughout the year? like Tiger getting the “best golfer” award??? what the hell is that?

  2. Alex permalink
    February 4, 2010 3:15 pm

    Now that they have the Latin Grammy’s and the BET awards, can we have the Whitey Award show? No one would have a problem with an award show only rewarding white people just like those award Latinos and Blacks, right?? No double standard there…

  3. February 17, 2010 5:21 pm


  4. February 17, 2010 5:23 pm

    i don’t know?

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