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Weekend Nothings

January 15, 2010

It’s the weekend again. (A 3 day-er for some) That means it’s time me to relax for a couple days.   Here are some fun links to hold you over.  Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Have you ever wondered what 100 skills everyone should master?  Well, here you go.  I don’t know about mastered, but I’ve done everything except yoga, mending, or given a eulogy.  I’ve definitely made some awesome mix tapes.
  • All movies with large followings always have conspiracy theorists.  What if some of those conspiracies were actually true.  Cracked showed us how some of them might actually make the movies better.  What if Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was really all in Cameron’s head?
  • Jack Bauer is the man, mostly.  Keifer apparently lost a bet and wore a dress on Letterman.  Chloe would frown on this. (Of course, she always frowns.)
  • This is crazy.  The New York Times has an interactive page that lists the top Netflix rentals per major metropolitan zip codes.  The top rental for my zip code was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  Never saw it.
  • Some of the strangest competitive eating records.  I think my body would kick my ass if I tried to eat 1.75  pounds of butter in five minutes.
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