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You have to ask yourself “Is this good for the company?”

December 8, 2009
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When a company selects a logo, they know this little graphic will be on every promotional item, advertisement, business card, and letterhead they send out.  They know it will be the de facto face of the company.  Brand recognition is so important in today’s marketplace.  And you would think that the possible company logo would be looked at by a lot of people before it went to final press.  Apparently, there are a lot of naive corporate bigwigs. 

"Yeeeaaahhh. That's a good logo, Peter."

Or maybe it’s completely on purpose.  Let the conspiracy theories begin!  Anyhoo, the following are some logos and company property that must not have had enough people looking at it.  Some are foreign, which may explain it away a little.  But not enough. 

We love children


OK, these are not dumb people.  These are doctors and nurses.  Who let this pass through?  Whoever it was should be hung by their stethoscope and prodded with something scary.  

Happy ending dental care


Someone forgot to tell the logo maker that there is no depth perception when using generic human figures.  And again, this is a place with well educated people. 

Sportswear for… wrestling??


I looked everywhere to find out what this was a logo to and all I could come up with is that it’s a sportswear company in Europe. 

We know exactly why your computer isn’t working


I know, I know, they tried to make a mouse look like a U.  Well, they failed miserably.  Not only that, they made it look like the reason they’re called in to so many computer difficulties in the first place.  They must make your computer work for you by bringing up more porn.  Hmmmm, maybe it was planned. 

A place for higher, more erect learning


I always knew there was a wealth of knowledge there, and leadership over there.  I was, however, unaware that there was commitment and respect in the other two places.  I guess I didn’t pay enough attention in school. 

You know what she is thinking about, right?


I’ve always heard about subliminal advertising, but this is ridiculous.  There is no way this was an accident.  If it was, then the editor is a moron.  But most likely they needed to sell a bunch of magazines.  Where would your eyes go while browsing in the supermarket check-out line?  Right here.  I don’t  care if you’re a man. 

We specialize in suppositories


I know prescription drugs are getting expensive, but do they really need to remind you where your taking it every time you walk in the door? 

And the winner is… 

So that’s how they do it in Japan


So what?  It’s a Japanese-style house in front of a rising sun.  What’s that you say???  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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  1. Alex permalink
    December 17, 2009 4:18 pm

    Yes the Dr.’s and medical professionals are very well educated…it’s the marketing staff that needs to think about going back to middle school…OR, with the image they put out, maybe they ARE in middle school and thought something like that would be funny…like farts; for some people, those lose humor as you age. Just for some people…

    Last one, just awesome.

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