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Holy smokes! Twilight fans are angry

November 23, 2009

So thanks to Pajiba, there were over a thousand views of my Twilight post last week.  Definitely a record.  However, I was a little bummed I didn’t get more critical comments from Twihards than I did.  That was most of the reason I wrote it.  It’s also most of the reason Pajiba picked it up, because they’re as annoyed with this whole Twilight thing as I am.  I was pretty brutal.  If you haven’t read it yet, check it out here

Of all the visitors I had, I got a grand total of one comment arguing against my stance.  But what a great one it was.  Kudos to you, MD Stevens.  In fact, it was so great, I decided to devote an entire post to it and break it down.  I did not omit a single word.  It’s all here.  Ok, away we go. 

how is it any more over played then halo, world of warcraft (really, their own soda flavor?), star wars, or pretty much anything else. there is always money in creating a mania over something. i bet none of the haters know that the book, Twilight by Stephenie Meyer actually came out a few years ago. That it used to be so obscure I couldn’t find it at any library in Madison.

Aside from the blatant avoidance of the shift key, I agree with most of the first two sentences.  When the newest Star Wars trilogy came out, it was equally as hyped, and equally as bad.  World of Warcraft?  The only time I hear about that is when that nerdfest ComicCon is going on.   And I actually did know that the book came out some time ago.  I did do a little research for my post.  And I don’t think it was really that obscure.  It was #5 on the New York Times best seller list within a month of its release in 2005, eventually making it to #1. 

And as for the writing, It’s written in the first person, from Bella’s point of view. Written as if she were telling the story. Which she is. From that perspective and having been a teenage girl once, i can vouch that it is written very well. Girls and women can relate to the way its written just as much as what it says. and it says a lot. its not an action thriller or horror. its about a girl who is in love, and conflict. a theme i am very familiar with. i enjoy knowing its a notable theme.

I know it’s written in first person, and I know what first person means.  But what does the tense or the fact that someone was a teenage girl once have to do with the quality of writing?  And about relating to what it says, I don’t know if that’s such a good idea.  If these girls really think that they’re going to meet a deep  and mysterious boy who doesn’t want to have sex but instead keep them safe and watch them sleep, they have another thing coming.

(and dude, you should not be talking smack of other people’s writings. you have no stones to throw, you are just as guilty of craptastic writing).

I’m guilty of a lot of things, and I certainly have never thought of myself as a superior writer.  The difference between me and Stephenie Meyer is that she has a degree in English, and she’s getting paid for her writing.  That also means she should have a team of editors going over her work.  If I were getting paid to do this, I would certainly spend more time on editing.  At least I capitalize the first word of each sentence.  You know, grammar and such. 

there is plenty going on with the characters. and don’t even start with the vampire or werewolf stuff. firstly, vampires and werewolves have been a mania for ever. there’s a freaking larp for it! I think every nay-sayer is jealous.

How do you not start with the vampire and werewolf stuff?   Isn’t that kind of a major plot point?  I think it’s been more lore than mania up to this point, having a LARP doesn’t prove anything, and saying that every naysayer (no hyphen needed) is jealous is like saying everyone protesting the war is doing it because they’re mad that they can’t be in Afghanistan too. 

Meyer came up with a new conception of vampire and werewolf lore. and so very few have actually done that. Not Anne Rice. Not any graphic novel I am familiar with. Not Joss Whedon. Not even Bram Stoker.
does anyone have a right to bitch that some one is actually make money to live off doing something she loves?

Yes, it’s called the first amendment. 

am not ashamed to say I love and own the books. I read them frequently. I am not ashamed to say I will stand in line for hours if I have to, to see the movies. I find the series both entertaining, and endearing and a great distraction in a way that doesn’t make me pine for a different life.
And I find the whole saga fascinating! It’s beautiful if you don’t read it thinking “vampires and werewolves” because it’s not about that. its about life, and family and love.

I’m very happy for you.  You have your opinion, I have mine. 

And so what if there are shirts and party ware and jewelry? Shit, Star Wars made huge bang on the “empty box christmas” because Lucas knew fans would want memorabilia. This is not a new concept people. Get over it, or start being offended by everything in this vein.

You seem to be getting more angry.  And by the way, I never said I was offended, just annoyed.

Where is the blog about WOW’s mountain dew soda’s, or D&D’s soda’s? Try being offended by something that actually matters, for a change. Not the trivial stuff that will go out of trend as quickly as it came in. Or better yet, for those who hiss and boo and write posts about how much Twilight sucks, and all the crap related to it, get a freaking life and stop hounding us for having ours.

The one about the WOW soda is here.  And here’s one about the D&D soda.  OK, got that out of the way.  And at the risk of sounding redundant, I was never offended.  I will now go see if I can find this life you speak of.  If I stop hounding you, will you help me?

If you hate the saga, don’t read it. No one is making you.


Don’t see the movie. No one is going to force you too.

You got it.

Don’t buy the merchandise. No one will think less of you.

I can live with that.

Unlike you, we don’t judge others for their personal taste in pop-culture. Get over yourselves and move on.

But aren’t you judging me right now? Oh well, it doesn’t matter. I’m over myself and I moved on about 30 seconds after I finished writing that post.  But then I became un-over it when you posted your comments.

In a year or two, we will have, while you are still stuck in twilight, never getting to that new moon, kind of like an eclipse where you are just waiting for your breaking dawn.

I don’t know, something tells me you will be more stuck in Twilight than me.  I may never get to that new moon.  That’s fine with me, I’m OK with the present one.  And how can I be an eclipse waiting for my breaking dawn?  That doesn’t even make sense.  Oh well.  MD Stevens, your argument is just as opinionated and judgemental as mine.  I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

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  1. tony permalink
    November 25, 2009 8:10 pm

    Miley Cyrus and I agree with you.

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