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Weekend Nothings

November 7, 2009

It’s the weekend again.  You know what that means.  Christian takes some time off and gives you a few links to fill your time.  Enjoy.

  • Over at Cracked, they have had a few posts about urban legends that actually happened.  I wonder what goes through your mind when you have to spend a while in an elevator with a severed head.
  • These artists paint objects or people to totally blend in to the scene behind them.  They call it urban camouflage, and it’s crazy!
  • Here are a bunch of dance scenes from movies not known for their dance  scenes.  OK, the real reason I included this is because it’s got Romy and Michele doing their interpretive dance to “Time After Time”.  Great song and AWESOME movie.  I know, I’m a dork.  But I will watch that movie every time it’s on TNT.
  • Next time your about to swat a fly, be gentle.  They can be used for art.
  • I’m sure you have all heard that newcaster telling the other newcaster to “keep f***ing that chicken”.  That on this list, along with 9 other cases of the whoopsies on live newscasts.  My favorite is Bill O’Reilly.
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