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6 incredible sole survivor stories

May 13, 2010

Wednesday’s plane crash in Libya was a tragedy.  The Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A330 went down and killed 92 passengers and 11 crew.  There was, however, an amazing story that came out of it.  A sole survivor.  Ruben von Assouw, a boy traveling with his family, somehow managed to escape the disaster alive.  It has not been discovered exactly what the circumstances were for this to happen, but they had to be incredible to escape this:

But this isn’t the first time something like this has occurred.  There are several air disasters in which many people were killed but one person somehow survived.  I would assume that there would need to be extreme circumstances and quite a bit of luck involved to endure these stories.  Here are a few of the many instances where there was only one survivor left after a plane crash.


Bahia Bakari

This one was less than a year ago.  Yemenia flight 626 was on approach to Comoros on June 30, 2009 when it suddenly plunged into the ocean killing 152 people.  Bahia was somehow ejected from the plane and, despite the fact she couldn’t swim, found a piece of wreckage to cling on to.  The crash occurred at 1:50am on a moonless night, so Bahia was in pitch blackness for the first several hours of her ordeal.  After floating for 13 hours, exhausted and dehydrated, she was rescued by a Comoran ferry participating in the search effort.


Vesna Vulović

JAT Flight 367 was cruising over Czechoslovakia on January 26, 1972.  Vesna was a flight attendant going about her duties when the plane suddenly broke apart in midair from a bomb in the front baggage compartment.  The wreckage fell to the ground some 30,000 feet below.  Vesna was found alive and there has never been an explanation of how it could have been possible.  She remembers nothing of the incident, but was left with a fractured skull, two broken legs and three broken vertebrae and was temporarily paralyzed from the waist down. She eventually regained use of her legs and even continued to work for JAT for several years until Read more…

Only in Florida (the worst political ad ever)

May 10, 2010

OK, I been alive long enough to see my fair share of political ads.  Most of them say how they are going to help the public or how their opponent is not.  Most of them are also annoying and pointless.  This one is all of those, but it also blatantly encourages racial profiling.  My favorite part is when he asks who you think looks like a terrorist.  Personally, I would be more terrified by the first guy.  He kind of looks like Jack Kevorkian.  And seriously, if terrorists really looked like the guy with the bomb strapped to his chest and the tape over his mouth, they would be pretty easy to spot.  You wouldn’t even need Chloe to get you the schematics on anything.  It’s amazing to me that this guy’s handlers ever let this get on the air.  It’s…  well just watch.

So now you know.  Send him to Washington and everything will be better.  Or something.

Who’s your daddy? (7 famous people who were adopted)

April 28, 2010

Sandra Bullock has been having a rollercoaster year.  First the Oscar win, followed shortly by the cheating husband and impending divorce.  What also was recently announced is that she adopted a child back in January, becoming the most recent in a long line of celebrities adopting children.  It seems to be the new thing in Hollywood.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it.  I think it’s great that these kids are getting the chance to live their lives without sitting in an orphanage or foster home for years.  So let’s see…  Sandra Bullock-1, Angelina Jolie – 3, Madonna – 2(I think).  So Brangelina wins for now.  At this rate, they’re in danger of letting someone adopt a child who doesn’t really have the capacity to do so.  Hopefully their screening process is extensive.

Does not have the capacity

But celebrities don’t just adopt children.  Many famous faces in entertainment,  literature, business, and athletics were adopted themselves.   Here are a few of the more notable cases.


Edgar Allan Poe

Born Edgar Poe in Boston, Massachusetts in 1809, his father abandoned the family within a year.  His mother died shortly thereafter of consumption.  Poe was sent to live with merchant John Allan.  The Allans moved back to England a few years later where Edgar attended grammar and boarding school in Scotland.  The family returned to America in 1820, where Edgar joined the military and later went on to become one of the most influential writers in history.


Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was born in 1955 to Joanne Simpson and Abdulfattah Jandali.  Joanne was a speech therapist and Jandali was a graduate student who would go on to become a political science professor.  Nonetheless, they put Steve up for adoption a week after his birth and he was taken in by Paul and Clara Jobs.  As a child, Steve’s adoptive father would show him how to take apart and reconstruct small electronics.  He eventually went on to be an intern at Hewlett-Packard where he met Steve Wozniak.  The two got together and started a little computer company called Apple.  He’s made a little bit of money since then. Read more…

Video games are getting amazingly realistic

April 19, 2010

I love this little creation from Studio Joho.  It’s a little long, but funny.  It basically makes fun of the fact that half of America is hopelessly in debt because people bought their H2’s and a bunch of other stuff they didn’t need.  Why?  Because they could.  It’s the American way.  My favorite is the little, annoying dog that is constantly yipping like my damn next door neighbor’s dog.   Enjoy. 

That’s terrible! (Some videos for de-stressing after tax day)

April 15, 2010
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I know it’s been a while since I posted something, but I had to do my taxes.  And even though I’m not an accountant, having a degree in that field guarantees that I will field many a phone call with questions in the first half of April.  Anyhoo, it’s all over and I’m back on schedule.  So here we go…

I came across this great site called  It’s a great time-waster if you have a few extra minutes.  They basically post all the terrible videos they can find.  The best part is that most of these videos were meant to be taken seriously.  I wanted put up a couple of my favorites that I found while rummaging through their material, but I highly suggest that you check it out for yourself.  It’s hilarious.


Harry Potter is going to ruin tomorrow’s leaders!!!

I went to a private elementary and high school, so I absolutely remember all the crap thrown at us about how this movie or that book was going to turn us to Satan himself.  Even when I was 12 I thought that was ridiculous.  It looks like that whole movement is still going strong.  Poor kids.  They can’t enjoy anything anymore without a disclaimer.


Once the babies begin, the life ends

I love this one.  (Especially the opening mullet!)  This is a warning video for all the women out there.  Men don’t understand pregnancy.  You know, like being worried about poking the baby in the head.

  Read more…

It worked for Wile E. Coyote, so… why not?

April 9, 2010

I watched Looney Toons every chance I got when I was a kid. Hell, I have four hours worth on my DVR right now. (Some things never get old) Remember when the coyote would bend down a tree branch and wait for the road runner to run by? He would cut the rope, be launched into the air, and hilarity would ensue. Well, these kids apparently thought it sounded like a good idea. The launchee pretty much ends up like Wile E. at the end. The only difference is that Wile E. can peel himself off the ground like nothing happened. Probably not the case here.  Darwinism at it’s finest.

Get your shovel! (5 still hidden treasures)

April 7, 2010

Everyone loves a good treasure hunt, right?  It’s the thrill of the chase and the fortune that can be had at the end.  And who couldn’t use a few extra bucks in this economy?   There are many stories of people who have dedicated their life to find treasure, only to go broke and never find that proverbial (or in this case actual) pot of gold.  Even if they find the treasure, there will likely be a lengthy battle over who owns it.  A few years ago an expedition found a treasure in a sunken ship worth as much as $500 million.  It didn’t take long for Spain to put in a claim on it because they said the treasure had initially been stolen from their country.

Finders not necessarily keepers

So even if you find it, there’s no guarantee that you will keep it and reap the rewards.  But as I said before, it’s all in the thrill of the chase.  Or so they say.  Well, if you have any inkling about going out and finding treasure of your own, these may be a few good places to start.


Captain Kidd’s plunder

Treasure: Gold

Possible sites: Connecticut River, Block Island in New York

William Kidd was a Scottish sailor who was a privateer (read: pirate hunter) who allegedly turned to the very act he was supposed to stop. After amassing quite a fortune, he was arrested on his return from the Indian Ocean in 1699.  He was tried and executed in 1701.  What was never found were most of the riches that would have proved his exploits.  One of his hiding places was uncovered on Gardener’s Island  in New York and sent to England to be used against him in his trial.  The belief that he had other hiding places for his plunder was never substantiated, but it is this belief that sends people out with their shovels to this day.

He was tough. They had to hang him twice.

The most talked about location of Kidd’s treasure is up the Connecticut River somewhere on Clarke’s Island.  Rumor has it that the gold has to dug up by three people, in complete silence, during a full moon with the moon directly overhead.  There’s a legend that three men once followed all these directions to the very end.  But once the treasure chest started to be uncovered, one of them yelled “You’ve hit it”.  Upon hearing a direct violation of the rules, the chest promptly sank into the sand and out of reach.


Better than Al Capone’s vault

Treasure: $7 million cash

Possible site: Phoenecia, New York

Schultz (born Arthur Flegenheimer) was a mobster in New York in the 20’s and 30’s.  During his criminal career, he amassed quite a fortune from his dealings.  The government continually tried to take him down for violent crime but were unsuccessful.  They finally had to go Read more…